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TR6 Bosch Alternator Installation

by Tom Gentry,

A while back Steve Toth, , mentioned that the Bosch alternator from a 1978-1980 Ford Fiesta was an almost direct replacement for a TR6 alternator. I finally got around to doing it, but only after the voltage regulator in the Lucas gave up completely, of course, and thought I would share the experience with you. The advantages of the Bosch are:


It works great, the extra power is evident at idle, with the lights on, when it holds steady rather than dipping into the red. I ended up with a charging system that can keep up with the car's needs even at idle with lights, wipers, heater, and radio going. Regulator response is much quicker than was my Lucas, but that could be due to age. The only thing I'll change is to get a little longer belt. The old one works, but a little more length gains some clearance for replacing the number one spark plug.

Thanks, Steve Toth! This was a great swap, and I can't imagine it being any easier.

Tom Gentry,
'72 Triumph TR-6 OD
'59 Triumph 10 Sedan



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