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Triumph Alternator Conversions -- Owner Experiences

This section will be used to relate the experiences of Triumph owners in converting their own cars. Hopefully, with time, an exhaustive data base will be accumulated, covering a wide range of alternator brands. Most significantly, it should add the mechanical conversion aspects, to complement the electrical instructions.

Quick Index:

GM in 1971 TR6, Dan Masters


Dan Masters, 1971 TR6



Electrical Connections:




Screw terminal on back


Terminal # 2


Terminal # 1

Wiring option used:

Upgraded wiring. Ammeter was replaced with a voltmeter

Mechanical modifications:

To alternator:

Ground off the "Boss" on the back of the bottom mounting hole. The thickness of the mounting pad was reduced to 1 19/32".

To engine:

The hole in the alternator mounting bracket was drilled out to 3/8". Front cover plate was ground down a little, to allow room for the alternator to swing. The plate was ground to match the countour of the mounting bracket. An after market alternator support arm was used. The stock belt was replaced with a 44" belt.


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