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Lucas Electrics?

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Electrical Instructions for Replacing the Alternator with a GM Alternator in a GT6

by David Wm Wrage,

New parts:  1 GM alternator (55 Amp Unit), 1 GM Alternator 2-Wire plug replacement end, 1 Crimp-on connector,  Heat shrink tubing, 1 inch metal tube spacer, 53" fan belt to replace existing belt.

Overall cost: $50.00 including new bolts, belt, alternator, washers, connectors, & plug.  Sure beat the heck out of a new/rebuilt cost of a Lucas Alternator with a lesser output.

Labor: Actually, it wasn't that hard. Maybe about 1/2 hour to 1 hour, depending on skill level.

Triumph GT6 Alternator Conversion

Triumph GT6 Alternator Conversion

Triumph GT6 Alternator Conversion


David Wm Wrage
1972 Triumph GT6 Mk III


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