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TR2 Axle Seal Replacement

by Mark Gendron,

I have replaced both seals on my TR2, and I wasted hours attempting to remove the outer hub with a screw-type extractor. My TR2 has a later Girling axle, rather than the original Lockheed axle fitted to the TR2.

To remove the outer hub from the axle shaft (to access the outer seals), you will require the services of a hydraulic press. I suggest the following procedure:

  1. Loosen the large axle nut. This is best accomplished with the road wheel still in place, to help prevent the axle from rotating. This nut is tightened to 120 lb-ft as I recall, so it is often tough to remove.
  2. Remove the complete hub/axle assembly by removing the six bolts from the brake backing plate.
  3. Take the hub/axle assembly to your friendly machine shop, and ask the proprietor to put it on his biggest, baddest hydraulic press. Separating these components usually takes several tons of pressure, and is announced by a very loud noise.

An additional trick, suggested by Steve Daniels ( ), is to heat the hub and axle stub after they are set up in the press, and then apply a bar of paraffin wax. In a melted state, the paraffin is thinner than water, and will infiltrate the tapered fit through capillary action. After waiting about 10 or 20 seconds, apply the load on the press -- the hub should come loose much more easily than without using this technique. Since learning this from a friendly machinist, Steve hasn't bent anymore hubs!

Mark Gendron



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