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Refinishing Triumph Wood Fascia Panels (Dashboards)

by Art Kelly,

The original Triumph wood fascia panels (dashboards) were made of plywood with a finished hardwood veneer. The fascia was a laminate of plywood pieces glued/pressed together at 90 degree angles to each other. This type of constructon protects against warping from moisture or heat. (Solid wood panels will warp - even high priced cars use laminates). A thin hardwood veneer (usually French Walnut) was then added for appearance. The final step in building the fascia panel was the application of a finish (glossy or satin) to the veneer. The purpose of the finish was to seal and protect the panel. That said - described herein is one way to refinish these fascia panels.

I refinished my original TR4 fascia panel in 1992. It was 28 yrs old and the finish was cracked and split. Dirt had gotten into the finish and onto the veneer. The veneer was NOT damaged; it was just dirty. I could not be certain of that until I stripped off the finish.

Thus, my recommendation is that this fascia panel refinishing, assuming that your veneer is intact, is easy to do, not space science -- just takes some time and patience. I would suggest that you simply try it; if the veneer is not damaged to start with, you'll like it when you are finished.

Art Kelly, .
'64 TR4 CT33118L (original owner)
VTR TR4 vehicle consultant



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