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Homebrew Gasoline Octane Boosters

Editor's note: I would NOT suggest that a person use the following fuel mixtures without considering the detrimental effects on your engine, vital engine components (O2 sensor, etc), and other potential damage. That said, the information is interesting.

Original published in:

1213 Gornto Road
Valdosta, GA 31602
(912) 244-0577
Editor: Richard Lasetter, president Gran Sport Club of America (GSCA)

Formula #1 - Toluene

Formula #2 - Xylene

Formula #3 - Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE)

Formula #4 - Methanol or Ethanol

Formula #5 - Isopropyl Alcohol and Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

Sample Mixture

VTR WWW Editor's Note: This article has been included on the VTR pages because this topic is frequently of interest to Triumph owners. However, VTR has no special knowledge about octane boosters. Please do not address correspondence for further information on octane boosters to VTR. If you are looking for further information on octane boosters, you may be able to find other resources on the net by using a search engine such as Alta Vista .



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