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TR6 Steering Rack Mount Replacement

by Mel Hildebrandt, 76256.1406@CompuServe.COM

Earlier this year I got a great tip from the Triumphs mailing list . You will notice that when you turn the wheels to the right, the rack gets pushed to the left, and vice-versa (a side to side motion).

Take advantage of this motion by turning your wheels all the way to the right before undoing anything, and then replace the rubber mount that is not being pressured. Before tightening the U-bolts, turn the wheel to the oppisite lock in order to apply pressure to the newly installed mount. Tighten the U-bolts. Now do the same for the other side. It worked great!

Also, I have experience with the aluminum block mountings on a previous TR6. They work great, but much more of the road shock gets transmitted through the steering assembly to the steering wheel. In addition, it takes a little more fiddling to get the rack centered when installing the mounts because they don't butt up against the rack flanges like the stock mounts do. And finally, there is a small nylon button that fits into a hole on top of the passenger side of the rack that is held in place by the stock rubber mount. This button keeps vertical play out of the rack mechanism and is not pictured in the Moss catalog, however the part number is shown in the text as part number 854-045 (Nylon dampener). TRF shows it as item DH28 (Plug, nylon). The solid mounts do not hold this part in place, so you need to use a piece of rubber and a hose clamp as a substitute.

I have found that this "trick" makes the steering feel just as tight as the car that had solid mounts, and at a lot less cost.

Mel Hildebrandt, 76256.1406@CompuServe.COM
1974 TR6 CF24749UO
1961 TR3 TS79778



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