Triumph Spitfire Carburetors

by Bob Sykes,

Wondering what carburettors can be fitted to a Spitfire? The four most often used are:

There are many variations of each type of carb produced.

Zenith Stromberg CD150


Stromberg CD150

The Zenith Stromberg CD150 series fitted as stock to later North American market Spitfires. Not the best "performance" choice. Many of the subassemblies are not adjustable or rebuildable. Lots of attached hoses and fittings. Early ZS carbs were manual choke. Later ones used a water heated auto-choke. Also shown here is the giant air filter / thermostatic air control contrivance.

SU HS4 (as a pair)


The twin SU HS series fitted to UK home market cars are my favourite. Elegant in their simplicity, they are easily rebuilt and tuned. Shown are the "stubby dashpot" HS4s. They have been converted to non-waxstat jets. K&N chrome air filters make a nice finishing touch.

Weber DGAV



For added performance and reliability, the Weber DGAV is a good choice. Being a down-flow carb, it adds a 'merican (two-barrel progressive) touch to your LBC. Set it and forget it, virtually maintenance free.

Weber DCOE



For WOT power and performance, the Weber DCOE. Single 45 model shown here, but duals can be fitted permitting each cylinder to be tuned individually. Can be tuned for a wide range of operating parameters but tuning requires parts (jets, chokes, emulsion tubes etc). This can get expensive. To realize to full power potential of this carb, it should be fitted in conjunction with other engine mods. (free flow exhaust, up-rated cam grind etc.)

Comparison photos of each carb are available in a choice of view angles other than the right view shown on this page: